Novedades PLC/ENG diciembre 2021

Novela en castellano

La vida soñada de Rachel Waring
Stephen Benatar

Rachel Waring es una mujer feliz. Una tía lejana le ha dejado en herencia una mansión georgiana en Bristol, y de la noche a la mañana decide romper con todo. Así que deja atrás su aburrida vida en Londres, se despide de su trabajo de oficinista y de su deprimente compañera de piso y se transforma en la mujer que siempre quiso ser.

Hermanito. Miñán
Ibrahima Balde y Amets Arzallus Antia

«Estoy en Europa pero yo no quería venir a Europa». Ibrahima Balde nació en Guinea, pero se vio forzado a abandonar su casa para ir a buscar a su hermano pequeño. No salió para perseguir un sueño. Abandonó su hogar para encontrar a la persona que más quería. Una mirada ingenua, castigada, arrebatadoramente poética y, en definitiva, única.

Miss Merkel: el caso de la canciller jubilada
David Safier

Angela Merkel se retiró hace seis semanas y acaba de mudarse con su esposo, el guardaespaldas y su perrito Putin a una despoblada pero encantadora región del interior de Alemania. Dedicarse sólo a hacer pasteles y senderismo va camino de convertirse en un soberano aburrimiento. Cuando un noble de la zona aparece muerto, una chispa se enciende en Angela: por fin se topa con una situación que necesita ser resuelta y que requerirá de toda su inteligencia.

Novela en inglés

The Double Comfort Safari Club
Alexander McCall Smith

The no. 1 lady detectives of Botswana travel to a safari lodge in the Okavango Delta to carry out a delicate mission on behalf of a former guest. It is a beautiful place full of dangerous, untamed creatures – some of them human. As Mma Ramotswe investigates, it becomes clearer that there is another mystery right under her nose that needs solving: Mma Makutsi is troubled by her fiance Phuti Radiphuti’s reluctance to set a date for their wedding.

The outsiders
S.E. Hinton

The Greasers and the rich-kid Socs are at war on the Tulsa streets. Ponyboy, a fourteen-year-old brawler, chainsmoker and dreamer, is a fiercely loyal greaser. But a single, murderous catastrophe is to wrench him from his old life and overturn everything he thinks he knows.

Travel stories

This collection of six extracts takes the reader through a variety of landscapes wich are both challenging and exhilarating. From the desert conditions of Mexico to frozen land of the Northern Lights, there is something here for everyone who loves to read about travel.

15 american one-act plays
Paul Kozelka (Ed.)

The Greasers and the rich-kid Socs are at war on the Tulsa streets. Ponyboy, a fourteen-year-old brawler, chainsmoker and dreamer, is a fiercely loyal greaser. But a single, murderous catastrophe is to wrench him from his old life and overturn everything he thinks he knows.

Short novels
Herman Melville

Herman Melville was an American novelist, short story writer, and poet. Among his best-known work is Moby-Dick (1851). From 1853 to 1856, Melville published short fiction in magazines, including «Benito Cereno» and «Bartleby, the Scrivener». 

The talented Mr. Ripley
Patricia Highsmith

In a chilling literary hall of mirrors, Patricia Highsmith introduces Tom Ripley.Like a hero in a latter-day Henry James novel, is sent to Italy with a commission to coax a prodigal young American back to his wealthy father. But Ripley finds himself very fond of Dickie Greenleaf. He wants to be like him–exactly like him.Suave, agreeable, and utterly amoral, Ripley stops at nothing–certainly not only one murder–to accomplish his goal.

Crime stories
Herman Melville

Containing original, unsimplified stories written by famous classic and modern writers: Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ruth Rendell, …

Vanity fair
William Makepeace Thackeray

Brilliant anti-heroine Becky Sharp will do anything to climb to society’s loftiest heights and couldn’t be more different from her rich, sweet-natured schoolmate, Amelia Sedley. Their parallel lives are marked by love, lust, marriage, fortune and loss, in all their different guises, as they navigate the corrupt circus of upper-class Regency England.

Ghost stories
Rosemary Border

‘After dinner we turned the lights out and played ‘hide-and-seek’. In the dark, I touched a hand, a very cold hand. Now, because of the game, I had to hide in the dark with… with this cold person – not speaking, not knowing who it was. Slowly the others found us, hid with us, until we were all there – all thirteen. Thirteen? But there were only twelve people in the house!.

A tale of two cities
Charles Dickens

A Tale of Two Cities is Charles Dickens’s great historical novel, set against the violent upheaval of the French Revolution. The most famous and perhaps the most popular of his works, it compresses an event of immense complexity to the scale of a family history, with a cast of characters that includes a bloodthirsty ogress and an antihero as believably flawed as any in modern fiction.

The Elephant Man
Tim Vicary

He is not beautiful. His mother does not want him, children run away from him. People laugh at him, and call him ‘The Elephant Man’. Then someone speaks to him – and listens to him! At the age of 27, Joseph Merrick finds a friend for the first time in his life.

Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
J. K. Rowling

The Triwizard Tournament is to be held at Hogwarts. Only wizards who are over seventeen are allowed to enter – but that doesn’t stop Harry dreaming that he will win the competition. Then at Hallowe’en, when the Goblet of Fire makes its selection, Harry is amazed to find his name is one of those that the magical cup picks out.


1984: la novela gráfica
George Orwell

El artista gráfico Fido Nesti reelabora en estas páginas la obra maestra del autor y novela cumbre del subgenero distópico, dotando de rostros, cuerpos y paisajes un mundo que cada día que pasa resulta menos difícil de imaginar.

Blacksad: Todo cae
Juan Díaz Canales y Juanjo Guarnido

John Blacksad desciende a las entrañas de la ciudad en una aventura que combina teatro, periodismo y corrupción municipal. Blacksad recibe el encargo de proteger al líder del sindicato de trabajadores del metro, amenazado por la mafia de las comadrejas.